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Past Issues

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April 2018 - Effects of Oral Piercings on Your Oral Health
March 2018 - Do You Know the Importance of Smiling?
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January 2018 - What's Your New Year's Resolution?
December 2017 - Dr. Barzilay's 4th Annual Christmas Toy Drive!
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July 2017 - Are Your Gums As Healthy As They Should Be?
June 2017 - You're Invited to Canada150 Open House!
May 2017 - Summer, Salads, and E-cigarettes
April 2017 - Energy Drinks Erode Tooth Enamel
March 2017 - Cosmetic Dentistry; Reasons to Smile
February 2017 - Cavity Prevention Snack Ideas
January 2017 - Are Your Teeth Appearing Taller?
December 2016 - Are You Putting Your Smile Under Pressure?
November 2016 - Mind the Gap!
October 2016 - Are your teeth protected from bacteria?
September 2016 - Children and their Oral Health
August 2016 - Choosing the Right Tooth Brush
July 2016 - Fight Tooth Decay with Beet Juice
June 2016 - Mind the Gaps!
May 2016 - Gum Disease and Diabetes
April 2016 - Signs of Oral Cancer
March 2016 - Dentistry for Moms-To-Be
February 2016 - Do You Need a Dental Crown?
January 2016 - Do You Need Root Canal Therapy?
December 2015 - Mind The Gap - Dental Implants
November 2015 - Morning Breath or Something More Serious?
October 2015 - Your Best Defense Against Plaque
September 2015 - Dentistry For Moms-To-Be
August 2015 - How To Brush Properly
July 2015 - What You Don't Know About E-Cigarettes
June 2015 - Is There Silver In Your Smile?
May 2015 - Are You Waking Up With Headaches?
April 2015 - The Importance of Regular Dental Exams
March 2015 - The Benefits Of Teeth Whitening
February 2015 - Do You Brush Your Teeth Too Aggressively?
January 2015 - Is It Bad Breathe Or Something More? - Halitosis
December 2014 - Your Child's Oral Health
November 2014 - Do You Have Receding Gums?
October 2014 - Dental Bonding
September 2014 - Smoking and Your Oral Health
August 2014 - Signs Of Gum Disease
July 2014 - Do You Know The Symptoms Of Oral Cancer?
June 2014 - Energy Drinks and Your Oral Health
May 2014 - Do You Brush Your Teeth Too Aggressively?
April 2014 - Do You Need a Dental Crown?
March 2014 - What Are The Advantages of Digital X-Rays?
February 2014 - Take our Dental Survey!
January 2014 - Do You Need Root Canal Therapy?
December 2013 - Mind the Gap!
November 2013 - Is There Silver in Your Smile?
October 2013 - What is Pregnancy Gingivitis?
September 2013 - Morning Breath or Something More Serious?
August 2013 - How to Brush and Floss Properly
January 2013 - Dentistry Tips for the New Year!
October 2012 - Office News, Teeth Whitening & More!
August 2012 - Proper Brushing Technique, Pink Ginger Lemonade & More!
April 2012 - 2012 TICAT CONTEST ?" ENTER NOW!
March 2012 - Dofasco/Arcelormittal Employees
February 2012 - The Importance of Regular Dental Examinations, Hot Apple-Cinnamon Pie & More!
December 2011 - Seasons Greetings from Dr. Barzilay
November 2011 - Win Tickets to the Illusions Show and Year End Benefits
October 2011 - Happy Thanksgiving, Use It or Lose It, Dips for Friends and More!
July 2011 - Have a Great Summer. You Can Still Register for the TiCats.
June 2011 - Have a Great Summer, See You at the Game (Not too Late to Enter)
April 2011 - Spring is here and the TiCats are gearing up!!!
February/March 2011 - Check Out Our Dental Chair in Haiti
January 2011 - Tips for Eliminating Bad Breath
December 2010 - Happy Holidays!
November 2010 - Dental Anxiety, Insurance Information, and More!
October 2010 - How Would You Rate Your Smile?
September 2010 - How to Prevent Tooth Decay
August 2010 - Preparing Your Child for their First Dental Visit
July 2010 - Dentistry and Heart Disease
June 2010 - Introducing our eNewsletter and Website

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