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September 2010 - Tips, eNews and More!

Dear Patients,

As summer draws to a close and the school year begins, we want to wish all our patients who are going back to school good luck in the new school year.

We had a great summer with everyone being very busy at the office. Vacations were a lot of fun this year. Celine went down to the Finger Lakes in NY State. Laura was in her camper in Ontario. Shveta was in school doing some continuing education courses. I did my summer road trip this year to the U.S., stopping in Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, Branson Missouri, Memphis and Nashville Tennessee.

One thing I can assure you all is that Elvis is not dead because I saw at least 50 of him one night at Graceland.

A special welcome back to Habiba who got married over the summer and cruised the Caribbean for her honeymoon.

Our Ti-Cat contest has been a great hit. We have patients going to the September 6th game but we have 2 more games later in September so don't forget to sign up and enter the contest.

All the best to everyone and I hope the summer will last just a little longer before we welcome the autumn leaves.

Dr. Barzilay

Prevention is Key!

Tooth Decay describes the break down of strong healthy teeth over time. Your tooth's surface is composed of a hard mineral coating called enamel. Enamel is the hardest tissue in your body, but by no means indestructible. Actually, enamel is exposed to bacteria all day which produce plaque. Plaque is the substance that covers your teeth and eats away at the enamel causing the holes known as cavities.

Brushing your teeth, flossing and regular dental visits will help keep plaque under control. Leaving plaque on your teeth leads to tartar buildup which brushing and flossing alone can not remove. Letting plaque get out of control can lead to many oral problems ranging from bad breath and cavities to gum recession Periodontal disease and tooth loss.

Even teeth with fillings aren't immune to plaque. The acidic substance damages fillings and other dental work and can lead to future problems.

Under your enamel is a layer of the tooth made of dentin. Dentin is also high in mineral content, but much softer and more vulnerable to plaque. Once a cavity has reached this layer it starts effecting blood vessels and eventually the root. This is why dentists often fill small cavities long before they reach a level where they become problematic.

Click here for some tips on how to prevent tooth decay!

Protect Your Winning Smile

Mouthguards are flexible dental appliances worn by athletes to protect teeth from possible damage. They are usually made of plastic materials that fit comfortably over your teeth and gums. There are over the counter variations available, but for the highest level of protection we recommend a custom fitted mouthguard that is made specifically for your smile.

Mouthguards prevent the lower jaw from impacting into the upper jaw averting major injuries such as concussions, jaw fractures, neck injuries as well as limiting bruising and laceration of the lips and cheeks.

Whenever there is a possibility of contact either with other competitors or any immovable objects we highly recommend the use of a mouthguard.

Many schools and sports leagues require the wearing of mouthguards during both practice and actual competition. Even if this is not mandatory, mouthguards should be worn during active involvement in sports. Parents in particular should ensure that children, who may not be aware of or fully understand the potential dangers, protect their winning smiles through the use of mouthguards.

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