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Dear Patients:

As we move into the last two months of the year I thought I would remind you all regarding your insurance year ends. Invariably we always get patients calling us up in the last two weeks of December wanting to get in for treatment. Sometimes our patients remember that they have a lot of dental work to do which they haven't done and the amount of money the insurance company will give them for that particular year is about to be wasted.

We always get the frantic phone calls and unfortunately the schedule is full or there is just not enough time for the amount of work that is required. So take heed my dear patients, please do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Also please take advantage of your benefits. Click here to schedule an appointment

Having said all that it has been a beautiful week here in Hamilton and I hope the rest of the fall continues to be just as lovely.

All the best,

Dr. Ron Barzilay

PS - If you have not won tickets from our office this year email us your name to enter for a four pack of tickets to the upcoming November 28th, 2011 "Illusions Magic 'N Miracles Show at Mohawk College Theatre.

To win, you must be a current patient at this office. The draw will be held on November 21, 2011.

Gum Disease and Diabetes

energy drink    
Gum disease is an infection in the gum, bone and tissues. Gum disease may eventually result in unstable base for your teeth, which then become mobile and may fall out or have to be removed.

Gum disease (periodontal disease) is a primary cause of tooth loss, and is often linked to diabetes.

Diabetes slows blood circulation, which can contribute to the onset of infections of gum tissues. High saliva sugar levels associated with diabetes contribute to the growth of bacteria which causes gum disease.

Smoking and poor oral hygiene for people with diabetes significantly heightens the incidence of gum disease.

Click here to continue reading.

Energy Granola Bar

  energy drink
During a fast paced day many of us turn to cereal or energy bars as a quick snack to help push back or even replace a meal. Through marketing and often misleading packaging, these 'energy bars' lead us to believe that they are a healthy alternative. While some may be what they claim, others are not even made from foods at all, rather composed of synthetic derivatives from poor-quality sources. Here is some advice on what to look for as a warning sign to stay away or perhaps think of them as good for you as a candy bar.

Common Ingredients of Store Bought 'Energy Bars':
  1. High-fructose corn syrup: Added as an inexpensive sweetener.
  2. Soy isolate: Used to add texture and protein content.
  3. Whey protein: Used to increase protein content.
  4. Natural flavour: Can come from far too many sources.
  5. Fractioned palm oil: A cheap oil used for its high heat stability.
  6. Maltodextrine (corn): Genetically modified cheap sweetener.
  7. Artificial sweeteners (malitol, sucralose): Genetically modified sweeteners
Things to Look for in a more Nutritious 'Energy Bar':
  1. Natural protein source (nuts, seeds, quinoa, brown rice protein, hemp protein)
  2. Natural sweeteners (brown rice syrup, honey, maple syrup, stevia)
  3. An understandable, short ingredient list
  4. It doesn't double as a candy bar (containing 24 grams of sugar, which is the same amount found in chocolate bars!)
  5. As few processed ingredients as possible.
You can also make your own whole-food energy bars instead. Click here for this month's healthy recipe "Energy Granola Bars"

Recipes provided by Marni Wasserman and fullynurished.ca.

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