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May 2022: Tips, eNews & More!

Happy May! The saying "April showers bring May flowers" is finally coming true, as we are seeing all kinds of beautiful flowers starting to bloom. We're right in the middle of spring, so let's make the most of the warmer weather to spend time outdoors with our loved ones doing the activities we love.

If you're looking for new outdoor ideas, what about hiking in a new area, learning to fish, or doing outdoor yoga? May is also full of diverse and wonderful holidays including Mother's Day, Victoria Day, Asian Heritage Month, and Eid to celebrate. Try incorporating new activities into these holidays!

This month, we're highlighting a popular and effective way to repair smiles: dentures. You may think dentures are just for seniors, but they're not! Missing teeth can cause many problems, so read our new article to learn how dentures can help maintain the look and function of your smile. If you have any questions about repairing your smile, request a consultation appointment with us!

Stay safe and have a healthy month,

Dr. Ron Barzilay

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Repair Your Smile with Dentures!

An accident, disease, getting older, or poor oral healthcare may leave you with only a few healthy teeth or none at all. Missing teeth can cause a number of issues, such as gum disease, shifting, and tooth decay. Whether you are considering getting dentures, already have them, or know someone with them, it's very likely that you may have some questions about them. Read on to learn more about the various types of dentures available and which type may be suitable for you.

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Mango-Cashew Kulfi Pops

In honour of Asian Heritage Month, here is a recipe for mango cashew Kulfi pops! Kulfi is a popular ice cream treat in many parts of South Asia and is a great refresher on warm days. Kids love ice cream, so try this amazing recipe with your little ones!

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