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As an employee of Dofasco Arcelormittal I am sure that you are aware that the coverage for Dofasco Arcelormittal employees is changing drastically in the upcoming year. This includes your DENTAL coverage.

This is what we aware of at this time...

In 2013 the basic and major dental services are changing as follows.
Checkup are going from 6 months to 9 months (for all members of the family)
The coverage is going from 100% to 85%. (Still continuing with a 3 year fee guide lag)
Major work such as crowns, bridges and dentures is changing from 80% to 65%. (On ONE crown alone this could be a savings of $150.00-$200.00)

Please be advised that major work such as crowns, bridges and dentures and all other major services must have a predetermination sent before treatment.
This process can take up to 8 weeks to complete.
Once a predetermination is approved the treatment must be completed before the billing process, which means that the work must be completed before year-end.
So if you are in need of major work, please call us to book an appointment to send in a pre-determination on your behalf.

If we have already received a pre-determination for you, also be advised that the pre-determinations do consist of an expiry date of 6 months from date of approval.
If another needs to be sent we need to do it as soon as possible.

Please call us today to make an appointment to maximize your old benefits.

Liz, Office Manager & Dr. Ron Barzilay

Mind the Gaps!

Do gaps between your teeth make you self-conscious?
Are repeat visits to our offices unlikely to fit your schedule?

You can often eliminate embarrassing spaces without the intrusive nature of braces or other costly, time consuming procedures. Of the several procedural options available to you, one that may fit your budget, time constraints and needs is called bonding.

Bonding has become a very common procedure and can usually be completed in one, short, comfortable visit.

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Goji Granola

Being Nutrition Month we've selected a simple recipe that is filled with nutritious ingredients that you may not readily have in your home. We encourage you to live outside of the box for the month and try some foods that can bring some variety into your diet as well as your pantry.

Click here for the recipe.

Recipes provided by Marni Wasserman and fullynurished.ca.

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