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Dear Patients:

It's official: Yesterday was the hottest July 21st ever in Toronto!
The rising temperatures are due to a hot, unmoving high - pressure area (heat dome) hovering over the central part of the country. The dome is pushing the jet stream well north and keeping the cooler weather out. We hope you will stay well hydrated during the oppressive humidity.

For those who haven't registered for our TiCat draw you can still register!! To our winners, we hope you have been enjoying the games.

I will be off from August 1-14 for a summer vacation, but Liz will be in the office for the first week of this vacation period.

All the best,
Dr. Ron Barzilay

Energy Drinks and Your Oral Health

Many of us have come to rely on energy drinks for an extra boost but have you considered their effect on your smile? These drinks can be very damaging to tooth enamel due to their ability to decalcify (or dissolve) the enamel, which is critical for maintaining the strength of the tooth.

What are the risks associated with energy drinks?

Energy drinks contain corrosive acids. These acids leach minerals out of your tooth's enamel. Enamel is the cover that protects the visible part of your teeth. Once your enamel is gone it does not regenerate. These problems are heightened for teens and adolescents because their teeth are not fully matured and therefore not as resistant to these acid attacks.

What drinks are the worst offenders?
While we have always been taught that cola is bad for our teeth, recent studies show that energy drinks cause greater damage to your enamel. Energy drinks, sports drinks, and lemonade are the worst offenders.

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Beet Quinoa Veggie Burger

In keeping with the themes of patio season and eating more fruits and vegetables, it is only fitting that we offer you a recipe for nutritious home made veggie burgers.

You may not have some of the ingredients in your pantry, but you should be able to find them during your farmer's market adventure or during a trip to your local grocery store (the result is worth the trip in both taste as well as health benefits).

Click here for the recipe.

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